Certification in Leadership and Management

Unique in its kind, this certification is offered in partnership with Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business Executive Centre. It was designed in collaboration with University professors and accomplished business executives who are also the program facilitators.

The curriculum of this certification aims at shaping successful leaders to become champions of change, to manage conflict effectively, to mobilize their teams with managerial courage and to overcome their company’s specific challenges.

Resulting of an agreement between the Institute and CoachingOurselves, the Certification in leadership and management includes an approach developed by Phil Lenir and Professor Henry Mintzberg. The latter is often cited among the world’s greatest thinkers in the field of management. This approach aims to promote rich discussions and to share knowledge and ideas between participants.

Who Is this Program For?

This program is targeted to professionals who hold leadership positions in their organizations, and who wish to further develop their strategic leadership skills. They represent a broad range of industries and profiles such as:

Managers and executives – From public and private organizations, not-for-profit, and others

Senior directors of SMEs

Entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs

Certification Program Outline

Module 1 : Strategic management

      • Analyze and understand your environment in order to identify the best practices that will position your organization for growth.
      • Better understand the concept of strategy.
      • Discover the tools that will allow you to influence the decision-making process.
      • Orchestrate strategic decision-making and the art of overcoming challenges.
      • Predict the impact of major developments in your organization.
      • Adapt your organization’s strategy to different internal or external changes.
      • Rally internal and external stakeholders to successfully implement desired changes.
      • Get an idea of the different processes of strategy development.
      • Reflect on these issues, taking into account the needs of your organization or department and the role that you can play.

Module 2 : Communication Skills

• Communicate your vision and its expected outcomes clearly and strategically.
• Enhance both your oral and written presentations to be more effective and persuasive.
• Learn to prepare for a presentation to be delivered to colleagues, supervisors, clients or the board of directors.
• Explore and practice different approaches and techniques for data selection and visualisation.
• Stand out and improve your chances to impress and influence your audience.

Module 3 : Creative leadership

• Recognize the importance of innovation and creativity for your organization.
• Learn to identify the personal and professional traits of creative people.
• Get familiar with the creative and innovative process.
• Recognize the abilities of creative and innovative leaders in order to further develop the behaviours that promote your creativity.
• Practice a technique for idea generation.
• Establish an innovative and creative environment in you organization.
• Identify the qualities of outstanding leadership.
• Reflect on your own strengths and talents. Regain your leadership skills.

Module 4 : Team mobilization

• Develop collaborative relationships, mobilize and coach employees.
• Increase your team’s performance level.
• Stimulate and support your employees in achieving their objectives.
• Develop strong leaders within your organization.
• Inspire and lead in difficult times.
• Constantly increase the engagement and productivity of your team.
• Create a mobilizing work environment for your team.
• Acknowledge the importance of recognition for greater organizational performance.
• Understand the fundamental characteristics of positive recognition.
• Thoroughly implement these practices within your organization.

Module 5 : Coaching and Talent Management

• Understand the difference between coaching, mentoring, and managing.
• Learn to structure an effective coaching session.
• Explore the appropriate strategies when questioning your team members and the questions that have impact in a coaching setting.
• Establish a profitable coaching plan.
• Realize that the best investment in talent can sometimes conflict with our intuitions.
• Learn ways to determine the best time for an investment in talent to provide the best return.

Module 6 : Political Skills and Influence

• Learn to successfully influence various stakeholders in your organization.
• Gain acceptance of your requests from top management and partners.
• Acquire the best strategies to become an effective player in your organization.
• Learn techniques to create strategic alliances that last over the long term.
• Assert your ideas and rally various stakeholders around your projects.
• Become a strategic and ethical actor in your organization.
• Exert influence in complex situations.


To view all the details and to register, please click on the dates of your choice below:

In English –

June 11 to 16, 2018 : $5595* + taxes

In French –

February 1 to 3 and 22 to 24, 2018 : 5595$ + taxes

April 30 to May 5, 2018 : 5595$ + taxes

May 10 to 12 and June 31 to 2, 2018 : 5595$ + taxes

July 9 to 14, 2018 : 5595$ + taxes

November 1 to 3 and 22 to 24, 2018 : 5595$ + taxes

November 12 to 17, 2018 : 5595$ + taxes

Discounts are offered to participants from not for profit (15%) and from governmental organizations (10%). Contact us for the details.

*Included in this price are the 6 days of training, breakfasts, lunches and all educational materials.