Corporate Training programs

Certification in leadership and management (6 days)

Unique in its field, the certification in leadership and management is offered in partnership with Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business. Designed in collaboration with university professors and accomplished business executives, some of whom remain program facilitators, this program is officially recognized by the Quebec Bar.

The curriculum of this certification ains at shaping successful leaders to become champions of change, to manage conflict effectively, to mobilize their teams with managerial courage and to overcome their company’s specific challenges. In addition to experiencing relevant and varied training methods (case studies, trends study, best practices, etc.), participants have the opportunity to share their ideas with their peers.

Resulting from an agreement with CoachingOurselves, the Institute of Leadership in Management uses an approach developed by Phil Lenir and McGill Professor Henry Mintzberg, who is often cited among the greatest management thinkers in the world. The approach aims to promote rich discussions and to encourage knowledge and idea sharing between participants. Meaning, each participant has the ability to engage the fifteen different speakers while learning their best management strategies.

Fixed price for groups of 15 participants or fewer (supplement for each additional person).

Includes course materials, examination, and diplomas.

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Leadership Development Program (4 days)

Are you in the process of planning the training program for new managers? The leadership development program is what you need.

By selecting 4 of our modules, you will cover topics that are key to your company. Six speakers will present the modules in an interesting and meaningful way, using presentations and workshops.

We encourage senior members of your organization to come and share their life journey, vision, and experiences to the next generation of managers. This is an effective way to motivate new leaders, bring teams together, and create collective pride.

Fixed price for 15 participants or fewer (supplemental for each additional person).

Includes course materials, examination, and diplomas.

Leadership Enrichment Program (4 days)

Looking to perfect your leadership team? The leadership enrichment program will help those experienced members of your company grow even further.

Choose 4 modules that touch upon the most important issues for you, your employees, and your organization. Six facilitators will present the material in a way that will enhance the skills of your already experienced group. The format of this program includes formal presentations, interactions with the speakers, coworking, case studies, and workshops.

Two accomplished leaders will share their life experience, their vision, their successes and challenges with the participants, who will have the ability to engage them in questions.

Fixed price for 15 participants or fewer (supplemental for each additional person).

Includes course materials, examination, and diplomas.

Customizable Executive Programs

You hesitate in front of the different options offered? You already have an idea of your needs and would prefer a tailor-made program that will allow you to stand out from the competition? Well, that is exactly what the Customizable Executive Program is about.
These programs take place in three stages. First, we will learn more about your company and your needs. Following our discussions, we will build a training plan which will be subject to your approval. Finally, the last step is to perform the training program that the Institute has designed for you. The formula can vary in terms of the number of sessions and the choice of topics.

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