Who we are

We don’t believe in perfection, but we do believe in the drive of those who strive for perfection.

We believe that there isn’t a single kind of management, or one way of leading, or even one single definition of leadership. We look to various models, from all walks of life because we must all embrace our individual purpose and do things our own way.

Experience is the cornerstone of our work.

Our facilitators’ experience and our participants’ experience.

Everybody learns here.

To reach our goal, we focus on two areas, namely our Leadership and Management Certification which is open to the public as well as in the workplace, and our customized training program, designed for businesses.

The Institute offers:

  • privileged access to trainers, managers and renowned entrepreneurs;
  • training based on concrete and useful examples;
  • co-development sessions and group discussions leading to a greater self-awareness and improved understanding of your organization;
  • a quick and effective way to develop one’s management and leadership skills.

To know more about our programs, please contact us.

Crédit photo: http://camijote.ca/Éric Paquette, M.Sc. ASC
CEO and co-founder
Institute of leadership