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Fares Chmait, Founder of IMPACT-PRO, Executive Coach, Speaker and Author

Fares Chmait brings energy, experience and passion to the table. Beyond the traditional trainer, consultant and speaker roles, every clever intervention seeks to inspire the audience it was prepared for. Through effective and productive tools, Chmait has one thing in mind: provoking change and positively influencing the destiny of those he meets. In business, this has proven to be very efficient.

As guest Professor at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business the Executive Center, and at Schulich Executive Centre of York University, he puts his vast and varied business experience at the disposal of management executives from all over the world. Long before anyone was speaking of human to human business practices, Farès cultivated and

refined a unique approach based on the human factor. His expertise in the study of individuals and the structure of the subjective experience sheds light on WHY people do what they do, and not what they think they SHOULD be doing.

Founder of IMPACT-PRO and a Post Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Farès Chmait is also a coaching and training specialist with deep understanding of leadership, emotional intelligence (EI), reading and interpreting the hidden side of communication, project management, dynamics of the individual within the team, public speaking, negotiation, and cultural differences.

Sharing the fruits of his experience with clients from 20 different nations and working in four different languages, in addition to being a captivating speaker, his knowledge of different national and ethnic groups has proved a major asset in this era of globalization. With conferences that are strictly tailored for cultural and entrepreneurial relevance, Farès has coached hundreds of executives to communicate differentlyTM (his trademark in Canada and in the U.S.) and learn the art of public speaking and presentation skills, through ontological coaching and NLP.

The author of numerous publications, including Beyond Selling in 1995, recognized as one of the best works on the application of new communications techniques to selling, he also co- authored Coupables de Réussir in 2002 and published The Power of Decision in 2012.

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