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Marc-André Cormier – Department head


A very useful and interesting training that fully corresponds to our professional reality. It was pleasant and enriching to benefit from the knowledge and experience of renowned trainers and speakers and acquire numerous tools to better exercise our leadership within our organization.” 


Sylvie Deschamps Francoeur – Assistant division manager, Supply chain

Bell Canada

Delighted with this training! An exceptional opportunity to have a relevant and very interesting overview of the different knowledge essential to a leader.  Theoretical formats interspersed with discussions and presentations vary the learning methods. The trainers are well chosen: they master their subject matter and are excellent communicators.  It was also an opportunity to meet some very inspiring people who will leave a mark on my life. Bravo, and long live the Institute! “ 


Carole Pelletier- Advertising manager


A busy, intensive, demanding week, perfectly designed for today’s professional reality. In a very short week, the Institute’s training allowed me to deepen all facets of my professional leadership and to equip myself with tools that can be applied immediately in my work. More than just training, the Institute has built its certification program to promote networking among students and to allow surprising and inspiring encounters with exceptional managers. It is the perfect opportunity to step back from the daily grind, take a critical look at one’s job performance and project oneself towards new professional heights.” 



Yael Mamane – Senior researcher

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Canada

It was an excellent program. There was a good combination of lectures, group exercises and expert testimony. I really enjoyed the section on political skills: it gives us very useful concepts for all types of organizations. I will be using many of the concepts I learned to continually improve my leadership and management skills. I highly recommend this program. Thank you, everyone.” 


Philip O’Brien – Vice-president, sales and marketing

Arrimage Québec

Through its impressive speakers and the relevance of the topics covered to the many challenges that business leaders face every day, the Institute has carved out a place for itself at the forefront of training the leaders of today and tomorrow. The friendly environment established throughout the training stimulates exchanges between all participants. It allows one to capitalize on the unique opportunity to participate in the gathering of important people from every conceivable work environment. Thank you for this fantastic experience!” 


Geneviève Laurendeau – Director of HR, Retail Sector


I am a firm believer in the continuous development of my knowledge and skills, but my daily professional reality does not allow me to follow a months-long executive training. The Leadership Certification is a great, practical alternative that allows sharing experiences with other participants and inspiring speakers. I emerged from this week with a great toolbox. I loved it!” 


Yim Han – Director of credit risk management

Business Development Bank of Canada

The program is a very interesting and relevant training. The richness of the program is based on three elements: 1. the diversity of the participants: people from different sectors, with different experiences, making the team workshops and interventions very interesting. In addition, it is an excellent place for networking. 2. The quality and variety of the trainers: Each subject is dealt with by specialists in the field, because of their training but especially with their experiences by sharing them with us. 3. The calibre of the guest speakers who were able to touch us with their inspiring testimonials. They were very generous in sharing their experiences. It was a very productive week, and I came away with many tools that will be useful throughout my career! I wish many leaders had the opportunity I had to take this training.” 


Benoit Jodoin – Vice-president of transport, logistics and operations

Harnois Groupe pétrolier

I loved my week in class. The institute has a very nice team, and a very well-structured training plan, which met my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend the program. These days in the classroom allow us to take a step back, and give us a different perspective on our daily work.” 


Alexandre Monarque – S&TS Program advisor

Canadian Space Agency

The numerous speakers (trainers, lecturers) are all renowned and of exceptional calibre. They give a useful, effective and practical dimension to the acquired knowledge. Having the opportunity to listen to them and exchange with them in an intimate setting gives participants a unique perspective. I recommend this training without hesitation.” 


Marie-Carmen Velasco – Executive vice-president and Chief Officer for Human Capital and Shared Services

Acceo Solutions

“ I found the program to be innovative, enriching and structured in accordance with client needs. In addition, the quality of the trainers and speakers stands out from other programs on the market and is an excellent networking opportunity. I highly recommend it.”